The intricate nuance of choosing an apartment

Tips on how to choose an apartment usually begin with the need to determine the area of ​​residence, the type of house (panel, brick), and the area of​the apartment. These parameters have already become standard and known to most buyers. This article will discuss other nuances of choosing an apartment, as well as stereotypes that should be reviewed.How to choose a house? Pictures of an ideal apartment immediately appear in my head. But what happens around her sometimes matters much more.

For example, a cafe located in the house or nearby. Especially summer groundsmusic, daring cries, noisy companies under the window are provided for you. In this case, it becomes unimportant that the housing is located in the center of the city and in a good house. The same can be said about the basements, which are converted for commercial purposes. For gaming and gyms, saunas, cafes check whether there are such objects in the house that you liked. Also important is the ecology of the areathe lack of a number of industrial enterprises, parking lots in the courtyards, noisy routes with exhaust gases from cars, the presence of green areas near the house. There are various Ready to Move Apartments, present in the market.

Whether to buy an apartment in the new building?

Of course, the new is always nice. These are clean entrances, high ceilings, and working elevators. But you need to be prepared for the fact that at first it will not be possible to do a major overhaul. The house is shrinking, and cracks may appear in the plaster plush. In addition, the first years will be hecticafter all, all the tenants (who earlier, who later) will start repairing.Another problem that is common to many new buildingsthose walls that are not bearing are made of drywall. Those who are categorically against the new building are considering options for acquiring apartments in houses built in the 80s. The service life of them is not so big, and the layout is more convenient than in the same “Khrushchev”. The advantages also include the existing communications. In new buildings, the residents sometimes have to force the developer. In set the house on the balance for the public services or to build the missing networks themselves.

Pros and cons of extreme floors

This is considered an outdated and persistent stereotype when choosing an apartment. The first argument of those who are against is the roof. This is an intractable problem if the house is managed by an irresponsible work. By the way, consider this fact when choosing an apartment. After all, even the most good house needs professional control.

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